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The age of artificial intelligence: Cities and the A.I. edge

Artificial intelligence has quickly established itself as a hallmark of the fourth industrial revolution, becoming faster and more capable of solving the world’s most pressing issues – one of which is the threat of illegal loggings. Rainforest Connection is using the power of AI models to detect the sounds of chainsaws and vehicles, identifiers of illegal logging, in rainforest and send real-time

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Google’s new AI model ‘listens’ to killer whales to help protect the species

Read how Google has teamed up with Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Rainforest Connection to create an AI model that detects the presence of a threatened species of orcas in the Salish Sea. The detection of these animals with underwater technology allows officials to treat injured whales or even guide them to avoid locations of oil spills or high boat traffic.

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AI’s Killer (whale) app

Read how Google partnered with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and Rainforest Connection to use machine learning to protect killer whales in the Salish Sea. Lack of prey, human interference, and contamination of water are just some of the threats that endanger the killer whales in this sea. Google, DFO, and RFCx’s partnership allows them to develop AI networks that track the behavior

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Rainforest Connection enlists machine learning to listen for loggers and jaguars in the Amazon

TechCrunch interviews Topher White to talk about the development of a bioacoustic platform, streaming app, and partnership with Google. With this collaboration, RFCx was able to use machine learning models to begin identifying highly subtle sounds from the rainforest, such as different species, gunshots, and voices. White also discusses how crucial it is that they bring in as many people as possible

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Google’s AI powers real-time orca tracking in Vancouver Bay

Through Rainforest Connection and Google’s partnership, an AI model for detecting an endangered species of orca whales in the Salish Sea has been developed and is now being utilized to ensure the protection of this species. This model runs on Rainforest Connection’s Arbimon platform and is similarly configured to send alerts to Canadian Coast Guard like the way other models in the rainforest send

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