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Rainforests Forever! Preserving One of the World’s Greatest Resources

Watch this video to hear Rainforest Connection’s founder Topher White and Jeremy Brisiel discuss what RFCx is doing in rainforests around the world to fight illegal loggings and the genesis of the innovative idea that has proved to be impactful in countries around the world. They dive into how the technology actually works and how they working to implement it in rainforests everywhere.

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Saving Ecuador’s Cerro Blanco

In this video, follow Al Jazeera’s Juliana Schatz journey into Ecuador’s port city of Guayaquil to explore the ways locals and conservationists are protecting the Cerro Blanco reserve, one of the last remaining dry forests in the country. Cerro Blanco is threatened by a host of natural causes and human activity, including an expanding city that means people who cannot afford to live centrally

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Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Save the Rainforest

National Geographic tells the story of how explorer Topher White came to understand the gravity of the threat that deforestation poses to our climate – and how he has created a creative solution to this problem. Deforestation is not a small issue – large areas of forests are lost every year, contributing about 17 percent of the world’s annual total of greenhouse gas emissions. This is why White devised

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